How to install joomla step 2

Now we will show you Install step By step .At first Extract joomla file in  test folder and open browser and  type http://localhost/test and fill step by step Below picture Step by step.

Fill all Main Configuration -> Click next

Select Database type->Type Host Name->type Username it will be always  root in local server.->Password will be Blank if you are not use it before in XAMPP security .->Database name ‘test’. Go to next

If you want Blank website then click next if not then check blog Or anything you want.Click next and wait.

Click Remove Installation folder and wait then Go to Administrator Site.


How to install joomla step 1

At first download and install server software.Like XAMPP , WAMP .I would like to teach you in XAMPP serve.when it will install complete .you can see a control panel Like below picture.

Start Apache and MySQL and if you want test your mail send option then you need to start Mercury.
Now you need to go server folder Click Explore on your XAMPP control panel.

You will go to this link G:\xampp\htdocs and Create one folder named Test as you want.Copy, paste and Exract  your JOOMLA installation folder and all file. Download Joomla! 3.0.x from here.

Now we need to open Browser then  http://localhost/xampp/  click this link and Click phpMyAdmin  then you will go to MySQL

Click phpmyAdmin-> Database

Below Create Database->type database name->Click Create